What is the difference between cold pressed and hot pressed oil?

Traditional Cold-pressed oils are extracted naturally by crushing oil seeds at room temperature. This ensures that the original nutrients & flavours are retained. Hot-pressed oils on the other hand are extracted using very high heat and chemical solvents. These are the typical commercial refined oils available in most stores. In hot pressing seeds are roasted at high temperatures, then chemical solvents & additives are added for extracting the oil, for maximizing yeild & also for improving shelf-life. This is followed by refining for a better, shiny appearance. This extensive processing leads to loss of nutrients & and flavour components.

What's the difference between cold pressed oil & organic cold pressed oil?

Cold pressed oil does not necessarily make it organic or natural seeds have been used for extracting the oil. Cold pressed refers to only the technique of extraction. Organic cold pressed refers to both technique as well as the seeds used for extraction. If it says only cold pressed, it means regular seeds (which is grown using conventional farming using chemicals) are used for extraction.

Is it okay to use cold pressed oils for Indian cooking applications like deep frying ?

There's a myth that deep frying of food in cold pressed, manually filtered oil is not good. But given the fact that most of the deep frying in Indian cooking ranges between 120 – 150 degree Celsius, the cold pressed oils are safe for such deep frying. The smoke point of cold pressed groundnut oil is around 160 degree Celsius.
The smoke point of refined industrially made groundnut oil is around 210 degree Celsius.The smoke point of cold pressed coconut oil is around 180 deg C. The smoke point of refined industrially made coconut oil is around 210 degree Celsius. (Src:Netmeds)

At times the oil seems to be cloudy, is it okay to use ?

Yes, it's safe to consume. Cloudy nature depends on type of filteration and for how long the oil has been allowed to sit before it is bottled.

Can cold pressed oils be reused ?

It is recommended not to re-use oil, as they tend to turn rancid and increase the trans-fatty acids, free radicals which are harmful for health. It is better to avoid re-heating cold-pressed oils as they have a lower smoking point.

How come sometimes there are slight variations in colour between batches ?

Slight variations in colour is normal in natural/ organic cold pressed oil. Colour depend on the type of filter used, how long it's left standing for sediments settle down & also could be the seed harvest itself have slight variations, producing a very slight different shade.

Is the oil at HB, cold-pressed?

Yes, all oils at HB are cold pressed oils. We dont sell any hot pressed or refined oils at HB. Want to check it in action ? See this video at one of our farmer's cold-pressed oil unit : https://youtube.com/shorts/fugJYRNEkX0?